How to Produce More Breast Milk

Questioning whether or not you are producing enough milk for your baby is a common thing for most new mothers. Being a new mother brings many joys but also brings many worries. Breastfeeding your baby should be a good bonding experience between you and baby. If you are having difficulty with breastfeeding or producing enough breast milk, breastfeeding may be more of a stressful experience rather than a bonding one. If you have just started breastfeeding and are stressed out, don’t worry it gets easier as your child gets older. A lot of women have difficulty getting their child to start breastfeeding correctly at first. Don’t give up just because things aren’t going well at first. I have a friend that it took two months before she was able to get her baby to latch on correctly. She kept it up though and is happy that she stuck with it.

What Causes Low Breast Milk Production?

If you are one of the many women who do not feel like they are producing enough breast milk, there are a few things that you can do. First lets look at some things that may be causing you to not have as much breast milk or making you feel like you don’t have enough.

- One problem may be that you are not getting enough sucking stimulation. If you had a premature baby, or a just a sleepy one, your baby may not nurse strongly enough to empty your breasts completely. This means you may need to use a breast pump to supplement for awhile.

- Having to be separated from your baby or sticking to schedueled feedings can interfere with the supply and demand system of milk production. Nursing as often as your baby wants is one of the best way to increase your supply. It helps your body realize that it needs to produce more breast milk

- Only allowing your baby to nurse for a short time period can reduce breast milk production and reduce the amount of hind-milk your baby gets. Most of the time babies need to spend 20-45 minutes nursing while they are a newborn in order to get enough milk. You should offer both breasts at a feeding in order to receive adequate stimulation. Try not to disrupt your breastfeedings as much as possible.

- Stress or becoming ill can cause your milk supply to be low. Hormonal disorders such as hypothroidism or pituitary imbalances or even retained placental fragments can cause problems with milk production.

- Using formula or pacifiers regularly can decrease your supply. A baby who drinks formula will not need to drink breast milk as often and cause your body to think it doesn’t need to produce as much. Some babies are willing to meet their sucking needs with a pacifier rather than spending time at the breast. Women who need to supplement with formula should try to pump after feedings to give their breasts extra stimulation and help there bodies to produce more breast milk. If you use a pacifier, make sure that it isn’t used as a supplement for nutritive sucking.

- If your nipples are very sore, pain may inhibit your letdown reflex, and you may also tend to delay feedings because they are so unpleasant. Careful attention to positioning may help correct the problem. If your baby is not latching on deep enough this can cause painful breast feedings because he or she is sucking on the end of the nipple.

- A Previous breast surgery can also cause a low milk supply. Anytime you have breast surgery there is a risk of breastfeeding problems, especially if milk ducts have been damaged. Generally, breast implants or breast biopsies cause fewer problems than breast reduction surgery.

- Taking combination birth control pills (those containing both estrogen and progesterone) and getting pregnant while nursing can alter your hormone levels and cause a decrease in your supply. Smoking heavily, and taking certain medications can also adversely affect your supply.

Ways That You Can Increase Breast Milk Production

There are a few different ways that you can help increase breast milk production. First, using certain techniques can help, such as making sure all of your breast milk is used up with each feeding. If your baby doesn’t drink all of your breast milk you can use a pump to get out the rest. Using up all of your breast milk with each feeding will trigger a response to your body to make it produce more breast milk. Also try and feed your baby whenever they want to eat, this will also make your body realize it needs to produce more breast milk. Another, important thing is to make sure you are getting enough nutrition. Mothers who are breastfeeding can use up to an extra 800 calories a day. You may also want to look into using an herbal supplement or a prescription medication to help increase your breast milk. I for one would rather use an herbal supplement because they usually come with less side effects. One of the most effective herbal supplements is Fenugreek. This herbal supplement has been shown to help increase milk production by up to 50%. Another herbal supplement is Blessed Thistle which has also shown to increase production. A couple other popular supplements are Red Raspberry capsules and Brewers Yeast capsules. The majority of mothers who use these supplements have no problems. These supplements have also not been known to cause any serious problems, to the mother or baby. If you are looking to go the prescription route, Reglan has been a popular drug to help increase breast milk production.

#1. Profenlac - Effective, Safe, and Natural

Profenlac is a popular product that professionals often recommend because of its effectiveness and safety. Profenlac is able to provide an increase in breast milk production and helps to provide increased health benefits for the mother and baby. Profenlac currently ranks highest in our rankings for consumer reviews.

Profenlac is preferred as the supplement of choice by several nurses and doctors. The ingredients are safe and effective helping to provide the baby with the nutrition needed during the important first months of age. Few products have shown to be as effective as Profenlac in this field. Another benefit of Profenlac is the money back guarantee and the excellent customer service.

#2. Mamarafil - Expert Approved and Safe

Mamarafil contains a Patented Formula that helps provide an increase in breast milk production, but also helps promote healthy and nutritious breast milk. Mamarafil is formulated to help improve healthy lactation and reduce mastitis. With its ability to improve breast milk production, nutrition and lactation its no wonder that several professionals are stating Mamarafil as the product of choice.

We continue to see more and more positive reviews for this product from consumers and soon it won't be long until this product takes the top spot for sales and reviews. Currently Mamarafil is only available online but it is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can return it for a full refund!

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